Zum Abspeichern als Outlook Kontakt :

Es ist dann eine direkte Einwahl über das Mobile möglich 

Einfach als Nr. Abspeichern:<conference-einwahl-nr>p<conference-id>#p*p<leader-pin># 


Und DTMF Kommandos für Konferenz Kontrolle:

In Conference DTMF Controls

DTMF Feature
*6 Mute or unmute your microphone
*4 Toggle audience mute
*7 Lock or unlock the conference
*9 Enable or disable announcements for participants entering and exiting the conference
*3 Privately play the name of each participant in the conference
*1 Play a description of the available DTMF commands
*8 Admit all participants currently in the lobby to the conference

The DTMF commands listed above may differ based on the configuration on the Organizer’s site. To ensure accuracy, please click on the “Find a local number” link in the invite for your meeting.

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