Microsoft has announced a new codec Satin in his update blog for Microsoft Teams. At the moment Silk will be used for meetings and one-to-one communication, wich are introduce with Skype before, as default codec. Microsoft says, “Teams will soon be able to deliver crystal clear wideband audio with as little as 7 kbps”. If I get more detailed information, I will post this in my blog.    Read More →

Sometimes I will use wildcard certificate for my Audiocodes SBC. If I want to use the SBC for several different VoIP function, I need more than one common name (CN) and have to add subject alternate names (SAN). For me it is easier to use a wilcard certificate instead. If I order a wildcard certificate from my certifictae provider Digicert, I will get the certificate as PFX format. I could not direct import this certificate to the Audiocodes SBC, because I have to split the certificate and the private key for the import. I use OpenSSL to split the certificate and the private key. MoreRead More →

The new Skype for Business Server 2019 is now as Preview for download available. The preview build of Skype for Business Server 2019 is available for download. One of the new features is a smooth migration of Skype for Business User to Microsoft Teams. Users which are homed on-Prem Skype for Business can be directly to Microsoft Teams. It is also possible to activate a notification for each Skype for Business Client. The notification is optional and can be activated with: New-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -Identity Teamsonly -NotifySfbUser $true Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -Identity holger.bunkrad -PolicyName “Teamsonly”. The SfB Client show this notification: The behavior of the Microsoft Teams download canRead More →

Installation Ordner SPS_Setup starten und Prequsites installieren Skype for Business Core Components Run Setup Install OK Next Install Admin Tools Next Finish Install Local Configuration StoreRun Next Finish UCMA Will be installed with SFB core components Infrastructure Install Appache Server and PHP Next Install Finish TFTP Server Solaris Win TFTP Server installieren RUN Next Next Your User Name and Company, next Next Install Finish Es sollten nun alle Voraussetzungen installiert sein 2. License Server installatieren Run Nach Installation, sollte ein Häkchhen erscheinen Datenbank installieren SQL Server RUN Yes Next Install Wait for SQL Installation Finish SQL Schema Run No, new Server Next Install Wait forRead More →

Auch schon wie bei Lync 2010, werden die Lync 2013 Client Einstellungen in der Registry gespeichert. Das sich der Speicherort für Lync 2013 geändert hat, sind hier alle Registry Schlüssel beschrieben. Schlüssel unter Lync: HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync Schlüssel: AddToFirewallExceptionList AllowOverridingDeviceAtJoinTime AutoOpenMainWindowWhenStartup AutoSignInWhenUserSessionStarts AwayThreshold CurrentUILanguage DSBkgndMode DuplicatePrimaryMonitorPresentingSetting EnableBHOSmartTags EnableEventLogging EnableTTY EndPointLocation FirstRun FtReceiveFolder GCWithRosterTabbedFrameWidth GroupContactsBy IdleThreshold IMGCNoExtensionTabbedFrameWidth IMLargeExtensionTabbedFrameWidth IMMediumExtensionTabbedFrameWidth IsConversationStatePreservationEnabled IsOneLineTabList JoinAudioConferenceFrom LastDialedNumber LyncEntryName LyncName MinimizeWindowToNotificationArea MTTA MTTF MTTT MusicOnHoldAudioFile MusicOnHoldDisabled NotSendingSignInTracing OCTelephonyMode playSoundFeedback SavePassword ServerSipUri ServerUsername ShowContactFriendlyName ShowContactStatus ShowEmoticons ShowFavoriteContacts ShowPhoto ShowUserConsentForAutomaticSendTracing SortContactsByName suspendSoundWhenBusy suspendSoundWhenConversationWindowInForeground suspendSoundWhenDND TracingLevel TwoLineView WindowMax WindowRect   Schlüssel unter dem Benutzer Account:   HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\   Schlüssel: Conversations Dismissed DelegatorList Dismissed RgsList Last DelegatorListRead More →